How to Play Ocean Fish Shooting From a Rookie to a Billionaire

How to play ocean fish shooting is a trick that helps players defeat all creatures in the ocean. For many people, this game is probably still quite unfamiliar and difficult to get started. In the article below, New88.com will share with you the unbeaten fish hunting method to get the most trophies.

Introduction to ocean fish shooting at New88

Ocean fish shooting is an online prize exchange game that is in the top 10 most searched keywords in 2023. The game has been launched by New88 for a long time, but has still been hot throughout many years of operation. dynamic.

How to play ocean fish shooting is also very easy to grasp. The more fish a player shoots, the more points they will receive. Each fish has a different value depending on its size and unique characteristics. The bigger the fish, the higher the score, but hunting them is not easy.

It can be said that, since the day this game was introduced to Vietnam, it has created quite a strong reception effect. Young people in the entertainment community love it because of its attractive and engaging interface. In addition, when participating in fish shooting at New88, you also have the opportunity to hunt for many huge prizes provided by the house.

Arsenal of weapons in ocean fish shooting

The ocean fish shooting game is provided by the house with a variety of modern weapons. Typical examples include:

  • Regular gun: Depending on the size of the fish, the player can choose a gun. If the target is a large fish, you should choose a powerful gun to shoot.
  • Bomb: When exploded, bombs are weapons that help destroy all marine life in the ocean.
  • Electric shock: Shooting electric rays is a way to shoot ocean fish that helps reduce speed, and at the same time weakens the fish in the area.
  • Bait: When bait is released, all marine life from around will surround in one place. From there, players have the opportunity to shoot more targets.
  • Shark trap: This is a trap used only for sharks, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.
  • Gunner: This way of playing ocean fish shooting will increase the power of the gun as well as increase the number of bonus points you receive.
  • Double money: When using this weapon, your bonus points will immediately be multiplied every time you kill a target.

Participate in New88 ocean fish shooting game

Before learning about how to play ocean fish shooting in detail, you must become a member of the house by performing the following operations:
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  • Step 1: Register: If you are new and do not have a betting account at New88, you must register immediately. If you are a long-time member, just log in to the official website with your username and password.
  • Step 2: Deposit money: To start your fish hunting journey here, you need to have money in your wallet. Please make a transaction according to the instructions in the “Deposit” section of the system to quickly play.
  • Step 3: Select the fish shooting lobby: The simplest way to play ocean fish shooting is to select the “fish shooting” section on the toolbar. Then find a game room that suits your capital.
  • Step 4: Experience: Now, you can freely hunt in the vast ocean with images and vivid sound system equipped by New88.

How to play unbeatable ocean fish shooting

If new players don’t know how to play the ocean fish shooting game, don’t be impatient. New88 has compiled some simple playing tips below:

Single fish shooting

Have you ever tried mastering the vast ocean? This is one of the ways to help players save a lot of ammo. When applying the single fish shooting method, you will enjoy the space alone with the fish. You just need to aim at the targets that are swimming around and catch them decisively and you will succeed.

Shoot fish in groups

Playing in groups is a way to play ocean fish shooting that is more difficult than single fish shooting. In this strategy, you need to spend more coins because you need to constantly reload to shoot large schools of fish. The more you hit, the higher the reward will be. However, there are also a lot of risks if you have discharged a whole store of bullets and they are still not damaged. At this time, quickly change your target to another herd of fish to save capital.

Shoot big fish

Big fish are fish with big and strong bodies such as whales, sharks, rays, etc. When applying this method of ocean fish shooting, there are very few fishermen who can destroy them with a small amount of bullets. However, the value gained when successfully defeated is extremely large. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with enough ammunition if you intend to target these fish.

Hopefully with the ways to play ocean fish shooting shared above atNew88 vegas will help you have a more general overview of this game. Wishing you a smooth journey to hunt fish and destroy giant creatures.

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