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Shooting God of Fortune fish is one of the favorite prize-winning fish hunting products in  New88today fish shooting game system. This is a fishing ground that is highly appreciated for its perfect quality in image design and game content. Information about this famous nature and how to play will be fully updated in the following article.

Introducing the Than Tai  New88 fish shooting game

Than Tai Fish Shooting is an online entertainment game launched in 2019. Currently,  New88 has cooperated and updated this super fish page product in the fish shooting game system with rewards at the house. Although it has only been launched for a few years, Than Tai fish hunting surpasses many other veteran playgrounds in terms of quality.
This game has an eye-catching interface with a combination of 2D and 3D graphics technology. The playground offers 3 game rooms with different fish hunting and entertainment modes. Currently, the house’s customers can experience this money-making fish shooting game  New88 on modern devices such as computers, phones, etc.
Coming to this game, bookie members can not only have fun and relieve stress, but can also make money by defeating moving targets. Each creature in the game is assigned a specific reward value. If the fishermen successfully destroy them, they will receive an immediate bonus from the  New88 system.

Advantages of shooting Than Tai  New88 fish

Currently, the house owns more than 100  New88 fish shooting games with many different themes. However, Than Tai fish hunting always attracts the largest number of users. Because this fish hunting masterpiece has many outstanding features that other games cannot compare with.

Vivid and impressive interface of Than Tai fish hunting

The perfect combination of 2D and 3D graphics in the game has created an extremely impressive interface for Than Tai fish shooting. As soon as you access the game, you will see the blue ocean world with every detail meticulously designed. From the creatures in the game to small details such as moss, coral, weapons,… all have very eye-catching designs.
The vivid sound system simulates the sound of fish splashing, ocean waves, bullets being fired,… very realistically. That’s why fishermen always have the feeling of being in harmony with the ocean during every hunting trip.

Special creature system in the game

Than Tai fish shooting owns more than 50 special species of creatures in 2 play rooms. Typical examples include goldfish, flying fish, puffer fish, sea turtles, sharks, rays, lantern fish, etc. Each type of fish will have a different coefficient, ranging from 1 to 300 times the bullet level.
Defeat them and you will receive high value rewards. The diversity helps gamers have a playing strategy that suits the number of coins in hand as well as their aiming and shooting skills. The bigger the fish, the more bullets you have to spend, so consider this to maximize profits.

Useful features in shooting Than Tai  New88 fish

Each room in this online fish shooting game  New88 is integrated with 5 modern and useful support features. Include:

  • Freeze the screen: All creatures on the screen will be frozen and you can quickly destroy them with the weapon with the greatest damage.
  • Automatic firing: The system will automatically release bullets, helping the operator save time on operations.
  • Target lock: Supports users to aim more accurately.
  • Speed: Increases fire speed to help improve damage during attacks.
  • Change weapons with 1 touch: No need to operate too complicated, you only need 1 click or touch the screen to change weapons to suit your tactics.

Limitations of  New88 shooting Than Tai fish

Currently, Than Tai fish shooting only has 3 fish hunting rooms and 1 Mini Game hall. In the mini game lobby, there are only 3 entertaining games including Sic Bo, Lucky Wheel and 777 slot. It can be seen that gamers still do not have many choices when participating in this game portal.
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Instructions for playing Than Tai fish shooting at  New88

If you want to experience Than Tai fish hunting at the house, you should refer to the detailed  New88 fish shooting instructions below.

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage New88and log in to your betting account. Bettors can use the website or phone application depending on their preferences.
  • Step 2: Select the fish shooting category then search with the keyword “Than Tai fish shooting”. Currently New88 owns 2 Than Tai fish hunting games provided by WG and JDB. Choose a provider and access the game to start experiencing it.
  • Step 3: Continue to choose a game room integrated in the game and learn about the bullet price and reward coefficient of each type of fish.
  • Step 4: Choose one of the weapons provided by New88 and start looking for attack targets. As soon as they defeat them, the bonus will be added directly to the fisherman’s betting account by the house.

 New88 expert reveals extremely useful experience in playing Than Tai fish shooting

Hunting fish at the  New88 system is very simple, but to ensure maximum winning rate, fishermen need a lot of experience. Here are 3 good betting tips that players can learn and apply:

Extremely good technique of shooting fish in groups

In the fish shooting game Than Tai  New88, there are many times when schools of fish appear on a very large scale. Use the lowest priced bullets and shoot continuously at this school of fish. Because the school of fish is large, fishermen do not need to aim 100% accurately to still be able to defeat nearby targets. Destroying this school of fish will accumulate high value reward coins.

Choose bullets that suit your strategy

The bullet levels in the game will have different damage levels, so they are suitable for each type of object. Use large bullets to attack high-value creatures such as sea turtles, rays, frogs or Mr. Tai.
On the contrary, you need to use lower-cost bullets to take down low-value targets such as goldfish, seahorses, etc. Consider choosing the most suitable bullet type to avoid wasting resources when playing. fish shooting  New88.

Extremely effective way to shoot against walls when selling Than Tai fish  New88

Shooting against walls is suitable for taking down medium-sized targets, small sharks, octopuses, swordfish, etc. You need to angle the shot to hit the wall so that the bullet bounces back and hits the target above. table. At the same time, fire a few more bullets in a straight line at the selected target. Thanks to that, the rate of killing marine creatures will be much greater than shooting directly.


Shooting Than Tai fish at bookmaker  New88 will definitely not disappoint you with its modern and useful features. Fish hunting paradise with dozens of valuable creatures awaits you at  New88. Please visit the fish shooting game hall now and experience this famous nature.

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