Poker New88 and very simple and big winning instructions

Poker New88 is one of the extremely attractive games and attracts a large number of bettors to participate. This is not simply an entertaining game, but it is also an opportunity for many bettors to get rich. To learn more about the Poker game at the house, please join us New88 Find out now in the article below!

A few words about Poker

If we talk about the name Poker, surely many people will feel strange and unfamiliar. However, in fact, this is an extremely familiar money-making poker game in Vietnam.

This game originated in Europe quite early and spread throughout the world. Poker’s rules are quite simple and flexible, so they can suit a diverse range of players.

Poker New88 is known as one of the most attractive betting products and attracts the most players to experience at the house. The high winning rate and valuable rewards have created a special attraction for this card game.

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Structure of a Poker deckNew88

Before learning about the specific gameplay of the game Poker New88 Then you need to understand the basic deck of cards used in this game. We will use a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards with 4 suits, including hearts – diamonds – spades – cloves.

This deck of cards is not only used for every Poker game but it is also used in many popular games such as Tien Len, Ta La, Phom,… Although the deck has a clear quality, when entering Poker New88, all substances have the same value.

Table rules

When entering the game, you will have the right to choose a Dealer so they can manage your bets. The dealer will divide the Poker Chips with different denominations evenly among all the bettors in the game. Each player will receive 2 trump cards and 5 cards face down on the table.

Betting bets are arranged atPoker New88 Very diverse so you can have many choices for yourself. The betting tables will also have different bet values, so you need to consider carefully to make sure it suits your conditions.

Revealing how to play PokerNew88 Simple but guarantees high wins

In general, the rules of the game Poker New88 It’s not difficult, you just need to grasp the information above and you can participate in betting. However, to ensure victory and accuracy, you need to follow the instructions below. Specifically:

General rules

Each Poker betting table will have from 2 – 10 players accompanied by a circular symbol with the letter D rotated. As mentioned, each player will receive 7 cards from the Dealer, including 2 trump cards and 5 face down cards.

After each round of betting takes place, all bets will be collected in one place and called Pot. Pursuant to the law of Poker New88, each betting round will end when each person’s bet is equal. If you win in the end, the entire bet amount will be added to your member account.

What options can you choose when playing in each betting round?

At each betting round, you will be able to flexibly choose one of the options below:

  • Call (follow): This means you will spend an amount of money equal to the value of the bet that the person in front has raised (bet) to continue the game.
  • Bet: If you are the first player, you will have the right to place a bet and the next players will have to bet equal to or higher than that amount.
  • Raise: For example, if the previous player bets 50,000 VND, the next person will bet 100,000 VND. To put it simply, raising is betting with a higher amount of money than the previous person.
  • All bet: It’s also a raise, but the main quality is that the player will bet all the money they have.
  • See: This is what you will check to pass the turn to the next person.
  • Fold: It is understood as deciding to stop participating in that bet and will lose the entire bet amount.

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Basic sequence of a Poker betNew88

Normally, a Poker bet at New88 will take place through the following basic rounds:

  • Round 1 – Pre Flop: Players will place bets clockwise from the first person.
  • Round 2 – Flop: Turn over 3 community cards placed in the center of the betting table by combining with your trump card and the community card.
  • Round 3 – The Turn: The 4th community card is flipped to the middle of the table, marking the start of another round.
  • Round 4 – The River: The 5th community card will be revealed and the betting officially ends.
  • Showdown: The game ends, all players in the betting game will turn over their trump cards and find out the winner.

Win conditions of the game

Conditions to win with Poker New88 Very simple, just all other players decide to fold and you are the one who keeps all the Poker Chips in the middle of the table. This is the most basic case and what many bettors want to happen the most.

Where you can win again is if you follow the bet until the end of the game and combine it with other cards to create the strongest link. In addition to the element of luck, you also need to have reasonable playing strategies, skills in reading situations and analyzing cards properly.


Above is some information related to card games Poker New88 along with simple, quick instructions that bring the highest efficiency that we want to share with everyone. Hopefully with this article, you will better understand the game of Poker at the house as well as win many big wins.

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