PBT Engineering Plastic from Hengli Group

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality PBT engineering plastics, Hengli Group seeks partners and distributors for our PBT products. Hengli produces a wide range of PBT materials to meet various applications and industries.

Applications of Hengli PBT Products

Hengli’s PBT products have been widely used for automotive, electrical & electronics, and appliance components due to their superior performance. Our high productivity and rigorous quality control system ensure that our PBT plastic exhibit excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, and dimensional stability.

Hengli’s PBT Production Capacity

We have made continuous investments in R&D and processing technology to innovate and improve our PBT offerings. Our R&D team has developed variousĀ  PBT grades,from 30% glass-filled to pure PBT resins, to meet the needs of different applications. The properties of our PBT materials can be easily tailored through compound modification.

Hengli’s R&D Strength in PBT

As a trusted PBT supplier, Hengli is well positioned to support partners and distributors through our extensive technical knowledge, supply chain flexibility, and customer-centric approach.We welcome opportunities to discuss how we can provide high-quality PBT plastics and solutions to grow your business.

Conclusion: Choose Hengli PBT for Superior Performance and Reliability

Hengli’s PBT products offer the reliable performance required for demanding applications.Our partners and customers have benefitted from our expertise,customer service,and competitive pricing. If you are interested in a partnership or distribution opportunity for Hengli’s PBT plastic,please contact us.We look forward to a long-term and win-win cooperation.

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