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Introducing DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station: A Reliable Solution for High-Power Needs

DEENO, a renowned brand in the 1500w portable power station industry, continues to push boundaries with their latest offering – the DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station. Designed to meet high-power requirements with its 1500W capacity, this power station is a reliable solution for various applications.

Long Service Life and Enhanced Safety

Managed by DiBMS (DEENO Intelligent Battery Management System), the 1500w portable power station ensures exceptional safety and a longer service life. The bi-directional protection system provides a higher safety factor, allowing the LiFePO4 battery to maintain stability even in high-heat environments.

Versatility and Convenience

With a capacity of 1036Wh and 1500W high power output (3000W surge power), the DEENO X1500 can smoothly operate most home appliances, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This portable power station supports the simultaneous charging of up to 12 devices, including AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC, Car charging port, Wireless pad, and more.


The DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station offers a reliable and versatile power solution for high-power needs. With its long service life and enhanced safety features, users can trust this power station to keep their devices charged and functioning optimally. The multiple charging options, including car charging, adapter charging, generator charging, and solar charging (compatible with optional DEENO portable solar panels), ensure flexibility and convenience. The user-friendly design, hidden handles, and compact size make it easy to store and transport. Additionally, the 4.3-inch LCD screen provides real-time information, enhancing the user’s interaction and control over the power station. Whether for outdoor adventures or emergency backup power, the DEENO X1500 Portable Power Station is a reliable and efficient solution for all high-power requirements. As the Thanksgiving day draws near, DEENO would like to express its gratitude to all of its clients and partners for their unwavering confidence and assistance.

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