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Ensuring Durability and Performance with Hikvision’s Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate

In challenging outdoor environments, it is crucial to have an automatic barrier gate that can withstand harsh conditions while delivering reliable performance. Hikvision‘s Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate offers durability and exceptional functionality, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding settings.

Robust Ingress Protection for Challenging Environments

Hikvision’s Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate is designed with robust ingress protection features to withstand the elements. The gate’s surface undergoes anti-UV treatment and electrostatic spraying, providing resistance against fading and corrosion. This gate meets IP45 requirements, offering dustproof and waterproof capabilities, making it ideal for outdoor installations.

Anti-Vehicle Following Mode to Prevent Congestion

To prevent congestion and ensure smooth traffic flow, Hikvision’s Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate incorporates an anti-vehicle following mode. This mode utilizes a combination of video and radar/loop-based detection, efficiently managing boom pole rise in vehicle queue scenarios. By detecting and preventing vehicles from closely following each other, it helps mitigate traffic congestion and improves overall efficiency.

Reliable Monitoring with High-Quality Imaging

The Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate is equipped with a 4 MP HD camera that delivers exceptional resolution and frame rate. Its progressive scan CMOS technology ensures superior image quality, capturing clear and detailed visuals. Additionally, the gate’s low illumination capability enables reliable night vision, ensuring effective monitoring round the clock.


In conclusion, Hikvision’s Outdoor Automatic Barrier Gate is a durable and high-performing solution designed to thrive in challenging outdoor environments. With its robust ingress protection, anti-vehicle following mode, and reliable monitoring capabilities, this gate provides an ideal option for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance security and efficiency in their outdoor installations.

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