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Sungrow’s Landmark Achievement: Europe’s Largest Bifacial Solar Park in Kozani, Greece

Sungrow‘s commitment to driving the future of renewable energy reaches new heights with the successful completion of the 204MWp Bifacial Solar Park in Kozani, Greece. This monumental project has solidified Sungrow’s position as a global leader in commercial solar systems and showcases its dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean energy innovation.

Europe’s Solar Milestone

The 204MWp Bifacial Solar Park in Kozani stands as a groundbreaking milestone in Europe’s renewable energy journey. As the largest bifacial solar park on the continent, it underlines Sungrow’s prowess in developing cutting-edge solar solutions that harness the power of sunlight from both sides of the panels, maximizing energy capture and efficiency.

Powering 75,000 Households

One of the most remarkable achievements of this project is its capacity to generate 300 million kWh of clean energy annually. This output is sufficient to power around 75,000 households per year, highlighting the substantial impact that Sungrow’s commercial solar systems can have on local communities and the environment.

Sungrow’s Contribution

Sungrow’s role in the successful realization of the 204MWp Bifacial Solar Park is undeniable. By employing the SG3125HV-20 plus 7.2 MV skid solution, Sungrow has demonstrated its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology that drives energy transformation. The completion of this solar park signifies not only Sungrow’s technical expertise but also its dedication to sustainability on a global scale.


The 204MWp Bifacial Solar Park in Kozani, Greece, is a testament to Sungrow’s unwavering dedication to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future. By setting a new benchmark for bifacial solar projects in Europe, Sungrow has not only elevated its position as a leader in the commercial solar system sector but has also contributed significantly to the region’s renewable energy targets. With innovative solutions like the SG3125HV-20 plus 7.2 MV skid, Sungrow continues to pave the way for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

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