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SEO – How to Use Perfect Headings

This article will help you use perfect headings.

These are all the questions we will be discussing in this article. If you want to learn more, you can read this.

What are Headings and

Headings can be described as bullet points that help to understand any text. Yoast further states, “Headings aid users and search engines to understand and read the text.”

What are the Types of Headings?

There are six types of headings in WordPress sites: H1 through H6. H1 is larger than the other headings, because it is the main title for the article. You can use H1 through H6 in WordPress.

These headings are modified into the background. HTML heading tags ; starting at


`. These HTML tags could also be used in your theme’s templates.

Why Do We Use Headings?

The following is why headings are used:

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Headings are used to display text structure

Increase accessibility

To improve SEO


Heading Allows You to Show Text Structure:

As I mentioned, headings are important for displaying text structure. It makes it easier for the reader to understand what this text is about.

Yoast also states that people tend to read them carefully. They should indicate the topic of each section or paragraph, otherwise people won’t be able to understand what to expect. If they do get lost, headings can help them to get back on track.

Increase Accessibility

Accessibility is important for people to be able to read the article. This heading structure will allow people who can not read on a screen to read comfortably.

Keep in mind that accessibility is often a good thing for SEO.

To Improve SEO

Headings can be used to improve SEO.

Perfect headings make your article more readable and high quality. This is good for SEO.

Headings: How to Use Them?

It is easy to use headings. All you need to do is to learn how to use them. Take this example:

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H1: Reducing website spam

H2: How do you check your spam score?

H2: How can you reduce spam score

H3: A paid tool to reduce spam score

H3: A free tool to reduce spam score


You can only use one H1 as H1 is the main heading. SEO guidelines suggest H1 should be used in every article or post.

This article explains how to use perfect headings. In this article, you will find three main headings: H1, H2 and H3.

We will now discuss the importance of headings for SEO.

What impact do headings have on SEO?

SEO is the core of any website. Without SEO, a website can’t rank in search engines. If you use proper headings, it is possible to rank in search engines when you write an article.

Everyone agrees that headings have no impact on your SEO.

Although there are other benefits, using headings provides better quality and more easily readable text. Your SEO will benefit from better text.

Perfect headings are good for SEO.

Another question is: Are perfect headings good SEO? We have already discussed this question briefly.

If you have any questions about the topic, you can leave them in the comments box. Also, if there are more information on Headings used in WordPress, please share it with us.

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