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Remote computer access with LogMeIn

Software and services can allow remote access. LogMeIn is one example of software that allows remote control of another computer. LogMeIn lets you access your most important files, regardless of whether they are at work or on vacation. IT professionals can also use it to remotely repair user’s computers. LogMeIn remote access to computers is now more in depth.

Remote computer access with LogMeIn

LogMeIn can give you remote access to your computer, as we mentioned previously. Let’s now get into the details.

Does LogMeIn use RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), an established network protocol that allows remote access from one computer/device to another through a network connection, is a well-known networking protocol. This protocol was created by Microsoft and is supported in most Windows versions. LogMeIn is not a RDP protocol, even though it is used in many software applications. LogMeIn uses UDP protocol as well as SSL.

Remote desktop vs remote access

Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Access should both be carefully compared. Remote Desktop Connection allows remote access to a computer. This includes the ability to access the Desktop, documents, and programs. Remote access allows you to access a portion (shared Desktop, mouse, keyboard or land key) of your computer to receive assistance from remote computers.

Now you know the difference between Remote Desktop access and Remote Access. Remote Access. Remote Access.

LogMeIn employees monitoring

Since the pandemic, remote workers have been supported more than ever. LogMeIn Central can help you! It can be challenging to support remote workers while also balancing employee productivity and IT professional security. LogMeIn Central is a remote management and monitoring tool. No matter where you work, you can still interact with the computer as if you were there. This will allow you to simplify your business and protect it.

Who should logMeIn

LogMeIn vs Remote Desktop Comparison Article : Who should logMeIn. LogMeIn provides easy access to remote computers and systems. LogMeIn products are divided into three categories: IT Access, Security, Engagement, Support, Communications, Collaboration.

LogMeIn can be used to remotely access any computer. LogMeIn lets multiple members of your team access the same computer. LogMeIn also provides many benefits such as file sharing, remote printing, file storage, remote printing, and remote control via LogMeIn mobile applications for iOS and Android. LogMeIn allows you to securely and quickly send files from remote computers directly to nearby printers or store 1TB of files for sharing documents with others.

Find out more about LogMeIn products

You might also ask, “What other features does LogMeIn offer?” These questions will be answered in this section.

LogMeIn Hamachi vpn

LogMeIn Hamachi is a well-known virtual private networking (VPN) that allows direct connections between computers behind NAT firewalls. Without reconfiguration, direct connections are possible. Direct connections can be established to users’ computers without the need for relays over the Internet/WAN. LogMeIn Hamachi VPN establishes a connection via the Internet which simulates a local network connection.


LogMeIn123 remote assistance (also known under LMI123) allows you to access technical support from anywhere in the world. It is secure and fast. You can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. LogMeIn123 gives IT Support Technicians remote access, which allows them to instantly access your computer and fix any issue.

LogMeIn rescue

LogMeIn Rescue provides remote access that is unrivalled. Remote support and remote access can be managed more efficiently by enterprises using LogMeIn Rescue. All platforms are supported, including Android, iOS, and Mac. All features are included: remote computer access, mobile app assistance and Rescue Lens interactive video support. LogMeIn Rescue is a trusted name in remote support.

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro provides remote access to one or more computers. They can also be accessed by multiple users which is unlimited. This is a great option for small businesses. LogMeIn Pro lets you play remote audio through your client. Remote streaming is possible with LogMeIn Pro. LogMeIn Pro also allows remote printing.

LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a remote monitoring tool that can be used to manage your business. LogMeInCentral offers many benefits including remote access in HD, IT automation, reports, and critical patch management. All of this is possible using one platform.

Last words about Remote Desktop Access

Remote access to a computer is possible in many ways. These include software and RDP. This article will discuss LogMeIn and Remote Desktop, and explain the differences between remote access (RDP) and remote desktop. LogMeIn, its benefits and the best people to use it were also discussed.

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