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Great Power’s Pioneering Role in Energy Storage Battery Technology

Established in 2001, Great Power has become a global powerhouse in the field of energy storage systems battery. This article explores the company’s journey, from its listing on the stock market in 2015 to its current standing as a beacon of innovation in the energy storage industry.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future 

At the heart of Great Power’s mission is the commitment to harnessing cutting-edge battery technology for the safety, stability, and accessibility of clean energy. The article discusses the company’s role as a pioneer in stationary energy storage system (ESS) batteries, unveiling its first-generation ESS system in 2011 and shaping the landscape of energy storage battery.

Diverse Portfolio for Varied Applications

Great Power’s diverse portfolio, spanning cells, packs, racks, and cabinets, is designed to meet the demands of residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. The article explores the exceptional safety performance, prolonged cycle life, and remarkable energy efficiency of Great Power’s energy storage systems battery.

Global Recognition and Presence

In 2022, industry rankings from GGII and EESA positioned Great Power as a global leader, securing the second-largest position in the global residential ESS market and the fifth in the global ESS battery market. The article highlights the company’s widespread impact, providing energy storage solutions to customers in over 50 countries and areas.


Great Power’s indomitable presence in the energy storage systems battery landscape signifies not just a corporate success story but a transformative force driving the global shift towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, the impact of Great Power reverberates across borders, shaping the future of energy storage on a global scale.

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