Sefton councillors will be asked to look at a variety of traffic measures around Southport Town Centre. This includes a 20 mph speed limit for Eastbank Street.

According to a report to Sefton Council’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee, councillors should approve the measures. These include the setting of a new Eastbank Street speed limit and the implementation a one-way system for a small portion of King Street near Southport Market.

These proposals are part the Town Deal’s ‘Les Transformations de Southport’ project.

If the measures are approved engagement with the owners/occupants on Market Street King Street Eastbank Street and Chapel Street will take place in the latter part of the year. Installation is scheduled for 2023.

The Council proposes the following measures:

Market Street

Sefton Council plans to implement traffic calming measures on Market Street. These measures were supported by the public in a consultation that took place earlier this year.

The area will also see new street lighting.

According to the report, “The traffic-free section will extend from the junction with King Street alongside Market, to the service access to Market. Traffic will be allowed to continue to use the Street between the Market service entrance and the junction with Princes Street. Market Street currently only goes one way towards Princes Street. To provide access to the Market, and other properties along the Market Street section, it is proposed to make Market Street one-way. To provide enough width for two-way traffic, this will require the elimination of 6 parking spaces.

King Street

“It is proposed that a new one-way traffic flow arrangement be established on King Street between Eastbank Street & Market Street (with traffic allowed to travel from Eastbank Street).

“A new, more paved surface will be installed along the eastern side King Street. It will connect to the traffic-free section of Market Street, and provide a high quality pedestrian route connecting the Market and Eastbank Streets.”

Eastbank Street

“To increase safety for all road users, it is proposed that Eastbank Street be subject to a 20 mph speed limit. It will run from the intersection with St James Street and Virginia Street to where the circleabout junction intersects with St James Street.
Junction with Lord Street

Chapel Street

Chapel Street proposals do not propose any changes to the public highway but could include possible modifications to street furniture. It will be taken down any redundant street furniture. To make the benches more comfortable and prevent litter from collecting under them, modifications will be made.

“Some street furniture near the station entrance could be removed to create a plaza-style effect.

“Opportunities for improving the lighting will also been investigated.”

“Separate conversations are ongoing with the station entrance owners about possible improvements to their property with the goal of creating an attractive and more welcoming environment around the station.”

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